One Part Elbow Grease, Two Parts Love.


Part of the fun, is searching for the right furniture to reclaim. It's all about the foundation of the furniture pieces we select. We only select high quality solid wood pieces that are well built. We use only professional grade products and equipment and take the time for prep work to obtain a high quality finish.


It's really quite simple, we found our first vintage piece at a yard sale, fixed it up, and resold it. We were hooked! Ultimately, Reclaim + Relove is a business that allows us to spend time together while collaborating on projects that combine our individual passions (Robert's love for fixing things and Rose's love for the history of all things vintage) and Reclaim + Relove was born.



  • How can I find out about newly refinished pieces? Social Media is constantly changing and sometimes that means you won't see our latest announcements. So, the best bet is to join our exclusive e-newsletter! Your information is kept confidential. You'll hear about new offerings, SALES, and even some exclusive coupon discounts! Sign up below!
  • Do you do commission pieces? No, we currently do not do commission services, however we do offer a limited number of custom pieces out of our shop from our available back stock. If you are looking for something specific let us know, if we don't currently have it on our back stock, we are happy to put you on a waiting list.
  • Do you give refinishing tips or teach classes? At this time we don't offer classes or workshops. You can follow along with us on our blog, where we will be sharing some of the steps we take to create our unique pieces. 
The custom pieces Rose and Robert created for our wedding and event business have allowed our event design to go to the next level! Not only are they the WOW factor at our weddings, but these pieces hold up to pretty tough wear and tear. Our team and our clients can’t get enough of these stunning vintage pieces!
— Heidi, Ira + Lucy Wedding Design
I am a Stager always looking for unique furniture and I came across Rose and Robert through Craigslist, when they were first getting their business going. They are an amazing couple and pay attention to the finest of details on good quality furniture. They can take a piece of old, ugly furniture that is ready for the “furniture grave yard”, and give it some “reclaim + relove” attention! They transform furniture and bring it to life. I have purchased many of their pieces, and placed them in my staged homes. Many people have asked where I found these “unique and beautiful pieces of furniture” and I always smile because I don’t want to share my special secret of knowing Rose and Robert, because they have always made me look good! Their knowledge of knowing history of furniture and how to use certain paints, stains, and waxes, sets them apart. Bringing a new look to the old could not be done in the high quality that they create, if they didn’t know their stuff!!
— Stage Two & Co.
I HAVE to brag on Reclaim & Relove for the AMAZING job they did on the “new” furniture for our home. I am SUPER pleased... you all will have to see their wonderful work for yourself! Thanks again Robert and Rose!!
— Doug & Cheryl
Working with Robert and Rose has been such a pleasure. They are very creative and extremely talented. The details they bring out in furniture is absolutely amazing. I’ll be back for more pieces!
— Sandy
We are so blessed to have Reclaim + Relove as a part of our store. They have a unique talent to create works of art with their furniture. Robert and Rose are consistently raising the creative bar. Their pride of craftsmanship shows in every piece.
— The Umbrella Bird